Jeremiah Fund focuses on the Southeast and Midwest United States on pre-seed and seed stage startups across sectors, including life sciences. Our aim is to work with founding teams to build and form culture from a Christ-honoring way. We feel to go the extra mile, you should do the first mile well. We find great companies to invest in founders with intentionality.


Andrew Clark – Brings an ability to connect good people together. He’s been in real estate, e-commerce, diamonds, and more. He started The Lion’s Den event with a group of professionals in 2014 and helped fan engagement across the world. He continues to find ways to support and encourage leaders in particular and the emerging space for Christ-honoring startups.

Jim Millar – Brings 25+ years of funding and advising businesses in life sciences, manufacturing, and other industries across the country. He’s operated companies as well as led the capital formation, transition and succession planning, and turn arounds. Outside of his angel investing, he’s raised high nine-figures through M&A transactions.

Investment Interest

  • Pre-Seed / Stage Stage startups
  • Based in U.S. (prefer SE or MW)
  • Tech-enabled or Applied Tech
  • Life Science-oriented

Fund Focus on Founders

We invest in the whole-person; financially and spiritually. Alongside our financial investment into the company, we want to provide a culture-forming cadence known in the Christian faith as ‘discipleship’. We require key founders to engage and participate in this as a pre-condition for investment (can refer to other VCs as well).

The Founder Journey consists of regular meetings (online and offline) to encourage spiritual practices, layered with a network of mentors and advisors (across stages, backgrounds, and experiences), and retreats designed to help founding teams and their spouses navigate a unique calling.

Finding Founders

We find these founders through our network & referrals. There is a period of learning and assessment for stage, fit, evaluation, and deliberation before we invest into each company.